Splotchy, Scary, Monstery artwork by children

We’ve been burping our way through Mumbai and Delhi over the past few months now and have been delighted to have so many children join us at the readings everywhere. At the end of the reading, we often give the children an opportunity to create their very own Splotch monsters.

They get a paper with either a colourful splotch of paint or some body parts drawn in by the illustrator of the book, Anitha Balachandran. Armed with markers, crayons and a really big imagination, children have amazed us with the variety of monsters they’ve come up with! We caught a few on camera and have set up an online gallery hosted on the Icky, Yucky, Mucky facebook page.

Do click on the link above, browse, comment, caption…be amazed!


Maharaja Icky’s elephant puppet

Every Maharaja and his Rani ought to have an elephant! We’ve made a pair with squishy handprints, gloppy glue and a sparkle of sequins.

What you need to get started:

  • Old newspaper for covering up your floor
  • Grey poster paint (or black mixed with white)
  • A plate
  • A plain sheet of paper
  • Little bits of paper in two colours. We used red and yellow
  • Some sequins or glitter
  • Glue
  • Stick to paste your puppet on. We used a stirrer but a bamboo skewer, old ruler or ice cream stick should all work well.

Let’s stomp into town!

Mix some grey paint onto the plate. Add a little water to thin the paint a tiny bit.

Squish your palm onto the paint to coat it well.

Splodge your hand onto a plain sheet of paper to get a lovely grey handprint.

Be patient. Do let it dry. Then turn the paper upside down so that the fingers face downward.

The impression of your thumb will be the trunk of the elephant. Paint on a tiny tail onto the soon-to-be elephant backside.

Mix a little black into your grey to get…a deeper shade of grey! Use this to paint on an ear near the trunk as you see in the picture.

Put a spot of black for the eye.

Use your pieces of coloured paper to create the Maharaja’s seat and his umbrella.

Stick sequins or glitter onto the umbrella to make it fit for royalty!

Cut out, paste onto a stick and take your elephant for a walk through town.

Snort-bubble paper

Bubble bubble

Mix it

Snort bubble paper

Have you ever got a yell from mom for blowing bubbles into your milk? Well, Maharaja Icky for one loves to snort through his sherbet! Here’s a great reason to blow bubbles through a straw while creating something wonderful.

What you need to get started:

  • Old newspaper for covering up your floor
  • Poster paint in three bright colours
  • Three plastic drinking straws
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • Water
  • Sheets of paper that you want to bubble up
  • Three shallow bowls

Let’s get bubbling!

Mix about 6 spoonfuls of dishwashing liquid and a small amount of water into each of the plates. You should have a thick soap solution. (later when you blow into this, if its not bubbling enough, just add in some more soap solution since the results can vary by brand)

Stir in a few globs of poster colour into each bowl and mix it into the soap solution.

Put your straw into the solution and blow into it to create bubbles. Make sure you don’t suck up any liquid!

Try making big and small bubbles in your bowl by blowing slowly or fast.

Take your paper and gently touch the bubbles with it. You just need an impression of the bubbles so don’t press down too hard.

You can make single or multiple colour snort bubble sheets.

Go ahead and get bubbling! Come back soon for some fun stuff to make with your snort bubble paper.