Icky, Yucky, Mucky at Bookaroo

Calling all Delhites! Go EEW and EEEKS with the author Natasha Sharma and the brilliant editor at Zubaan, Anita Roy, for a rib tickling, disgusting dramatised reading of Icky, Yucky, Mucky!

And if that’s not enough, we may just throw in an icky, yucky and truly mucky song AND give you a chance to make your very own splotchy monsters!






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Fingerbowl Sherbet

The Maharaja of Ickhtarpur loves to drink up the water in his fingerbowl. With temperature soaring across many parts of India, here is our version of a fingerbowl sherbet to cool off with.


  • A cup of clean drinking water
  • Three tablespoons of rose sherbet (add more to your taste)
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • One lemon, cut into quarters by an adult
  • One bowl, the size of a fingerbowl

Let’s mix and squish!

Pour the rose sherbet into the bowl.

Tear up the mint leaves, add them into the bowl and squish them with a spoon

Pour in the water.

Squeeze a few drops from a quarter of the lemon into the bowl and then throw in the quarter.

Our icky fingerbowl sherbet with a squeezed out lemon and bits of food floating around is ready!

Lift and drink up!

Rosogulla eyes

If you love rosogullas as much as Maharaja Icky, this is the simplest recipe for you to put together with no help from mum – well maybe just a teeny tiny bit of help.

What you need to get started:

  • One rosogulla
  • Three gems
  • A tablespoon of chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce
  • A plate

I’m eating already!

Squeeze out some of the juice from the rosogulla. We know that’s messy but then this is an icky recipe!

Here’s the bit that you need help from an adult. Have them cut the rosogulla into two halves. Now they may leave you to your devious designs.

Arrange the two halves, flat side down on the plate.

Place two gems as eyes on top.

Place a gem as a nose.

Finish with a swirl of sauce to make the mouth.

Lift the rosogulla, dip into the saucy mouth on your plate and munch away.

Chocolate mud sundae

Maharaja Icky loves to squish up his food and make a mess. Here’s how to make a mushy sundae of chocolate mud with a few worms crawling around.


  • Chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate cream biscuits like bourbon or oreo
  • A scoop each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream
  • Few gummy worms from a candy store

Time to mulch!

Put two (or three!) scoops of ice cream into a bowl and mash it for a bit.

Swirl the chocolate sauce on top and over the edges.

Crush the biscuits and drop them onto the top of your mush to add some rocky crunch.

Swirl a bit more of the chocolate sauce to make some muddy pools.

Place your gummy worms on top.

Pick up your spoon and dig in!