About the book

Maharaja Icky is quite the most disgusting King you’ll ever have the misfortune to meet. The ruler of the kingdom of Ickhtarpur regales all with his utterly vile table manners.

While he sits licking curry from hand to elbow and juggling rosogullas, his beloved nail-nibbling queen Maharani Yucky, joins him. Banned from using spoons or nail cutters, the people of Ickhtarpur are at their wits’ end. But their hopes rise when the announcement comes that the Maharani is expecting a little baby…

The deliciously gooey tale of Icky, Yucky, Mucky! by Natasha Sharma with gleefully gross illustrations by highly acclaimed children’s illustrator Anitha Balachandran, will have children squirming in their chairs and yelling with delight. And perhaps, learning a lesson or two in table manners!

See the trailer of the book on youtube too.

About the author, Natasha Sharma

Natasha Sharma sold watches, coffee and pizzas as a brand manager before discovering her love for writing children’s books and poetry. She now has a title she loves a lot more as an Author. She has also illustrated her first book with Pratham Books in a leap from words to pictures. That’s a second title of an Illustrator, one that she loves equally dearly!

She is mad about animals and most of her childhood memories feature dogs, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, horses and the occasional squirrel. She feels strongly about the preservation of the environment and engages in activities that help in the same. Her kids learnt the words reduce, recycle and reuse at 1 year of age (well… almost). As testament to this, her daughter all of 5 now, is often emptying dustbins to check if the household has been careful enough in their sorting of waste.

In writing books, she is thrilled to have found her most favourite thing to do in the world.

To find out more about her other books visit her site www.sharmanatasha.com

About the illustrator, Anitha Balachandran

Anitha Balachandran has been illustrating picture books for some years now. She uses a combination of paint, ink, collage, blood, sweat and tears, and usually makes a biggish mess in the process.
She’s a bit shy about blogging, but will probably take the plunge one day soon.  She does all of this from a desk in Delhi.  For now.  When not illustrating, Anitha makes animated short films.  But that’s another story…
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We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts about the book, icky, yucky, mucky moments you have had and anything else that makes you go yuck! Send in icky, yucky, mucky pictures and drawings and we’ll put it up on this blog.

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3 thoughts on “About the book

  1. hi…. Today I went to crossword and you read it to us and the book you wrote is fantastic….. Me and my friend are trying to write a book and I would love it if you could give me your email-id on gmail so I could get some advice. 🙂 I hope your books bring you alot of fame and happiness

    Your well wisher,
    Akshita Gandhi

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