The Maharaja’s Moochh Cupcake

An afternoon of whipping up cupcake batter turned into an Icky baking session when it was time to ice the cupcakes! For batter and butter makes for one messy session!

We turned out Maharaja Moochh cupcakes and the boys were so thrilled to munch away on the moustaches.

The girls decided to do a bit messier version of fairy cupcakes and make do for the moment till we get around to a nibbly Maharani cupcake…though those crescent things on top could be nibbled off nails instead of fairy wings!

Calling all parents and children to get inspired, get baking and icing and get clicking. Send us pictures of your creations that are Icky, Yucky, or Mucky to We’ll be thrilled to put them up on this blog!

For cupcake recipes and much more, check out the Purple Foodie blog. The nutella cupcakes look positively messy, delicious, and a sure hit with kids!


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