A Reading at Hill Spring International School

Icky, Yucky, Mucky! Wall

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In our first of many Mucky Moments, we are absolutely delighted to have begun in the wonderful space at the Hill Spring International School library in Mumbai.

Kindergarten and grades I and II were in hysterics to see the author, Natasha Sharma as a well moustached Maharaja Icky slurping over the pickles, burping and juggling rosogullas. Their sporting librarian Ms. Soonawala, as Maharani Yucky, accompanied the Maharaja in his mess. This was one noisy library for two delightful mornings as it resounded with children laughing and shouting YUCKY! EEEEW! OOOH! NOOOO!

Taking from the wonderful splotches created by Anitha Balachandran in the book, the children then set about making Splotch Monsters. The library now has its very own Icky, Yucky, Mucky! wall.

Take a look!


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