The Kala Ghoda festival is about to get Icky, Yucky, Mucky!


Wish you a nail-icious Happy Republic Day!

For all our nail nibblers and the good non-nail-nibblers too. Here’s a chance to put your fingers to good use and get them dressed in orange, white and green.

What you need:

  • Acryclic colours
  • Fine paint brushes
  • Scrubbed fingers


Paint your fingers from the knuckles and over your nails in orange, white and green.

Wait for a minute for the paint to dry before you begin painting over it.

We decided to turn the orange into a tiger, for the tiger is India’s national animal (you knew that!)

The white got converted into a cute white mouse. Why? Well that’s what the kids asked for!

And the green turned into a peacock…sort of. It is republic day after all.

So for all those ready to get their fingers all ICKY, take out your paints, grab an older sibling or parent and get them painting.

You could paint other creatures, your family or friends on any day of the year too!

The Maharaja’s raising a toast to the top 12 children’s books for 2011!

Thank you Karadi for featuring Icky, Yucky, Mucky! in the top 12 children’s books of 2011. We made it into a 2011 release with a scurry and screech and are looking forward to many eeews, yucks and eeks this year from kids and parents alike.

To view the complete list with some lovely books from last year, click on the link

A Reading at Hill Spring International School

Icky, Yucky, Mucky! Wall

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In our first of many Mucky Moments, we are absolutely delighted to have begun in the wonderful space at the Hill Spring International School library in Mumbai.

Kindergarten and grades I and II were in hysterics to see the author, Natasha Sharma as a well moustached Maharaja Icky slurping over the pickles, burping and juggling rosogullas. Their sporting librarian Ms. Soonawala, as Maharani Yucky, accompanied the Maharaja in his mess. This was one noisy library for two delightful mornings as it resounded with children laughing and shouting YUCKY! EEEEW! OOOH! NOOOO!

Taking from the wonderful splotches created by Anitha Balachandran in the book, the children then set about making Splotch Monsters. The library now has its very own Icky, Yucky, Mucky! wall.

Take a look!

Maharaja Icky’s elephant puppet

Every Maharaja and his Rani ought to have an elephant! We’ve made a pair with squishy handprints, gloppy glue and a sparkle of sequins.

What you need to get started:

  • Old newspaper for covering up your floor
  • Grey poster paint (or black mixed with white)
  • A plate
  • A plain sheet of paper
  • Little bits of paper in two colours. We used red and yellow
  • Some sequins or glitter
  • Glue
  • Stick to paste your puppet on. We used a stirrer but a bamboo skewer, old ruler or ice cream stick should all work well.

Let’s stomp into town!

Mix some grey paint onto the plate. Add a little water to thin the paint a tiny bit.

Squish your palm onto the paint to coat it well.

Splodge your hand onto a plain sheet of paper to get a lovely grey handprint.

Be patient. Do let it dry. Then turn the paper upside down so that the fingers face downward.

The impression of your thumb will be the trunk of the elephant. Paint on a tiny tail onto the soon-to-be elephant backside.

Mix a little black into your grey to get…a deeper shade of grey! Use this to paint on an ear near the trunk as you see in the picture.

Put a spot of black for the eye.

Use your pieces of coloured paper to create the Maharaja’s seat and his umbrella.

Stick sequins or glitter onto the umbrella to make it fit for royalty!

Cut out, paste onto a stick and take your elephant for a walk through town.