Rosogulla eyes

If you love rosogullas as much as Maharaja Icky, this is the simplest recipe for you to put together with no help from mum – well maybe just a teeny tiny bit of help.

What you need to get started:

  • One rosogulla
  • Three gems
  • A tablespoon of chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce
  • A plate

I’m eating already!

Squeeze out some of the juice from the rosogulla. We know that’s messy but then this is an icky recipe!

Here’s the bit that you need help from an adult. Have them cut the rosogulla into two halves. Now they may leave you to your devious designs.

Arrange the two halves, flat side down on the plate.

Place two gems as eyes on top.

Place a gem as a nose.

Finish with a swirl of sauce to make the mouth.

Lift the rosogulla, dip into the saucy mouth on your plate and munch away.


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