Snot bookmark

Create your very own snot bookmark as a present for little Princess Mucky!

What you need to get started:

  • Thick sheet of paper
  • A smaller piece of paper in yellow or sickly green
  • Sticky tape or double sided tape if you have some
  • Child safe scissors

Let’s go YEEEW!

Cut out a rectangle of size 5 inches x 1 inch for your bookmark from a thick sheet of paper.

Copy the shape of the glob of snot from the picture shown here onto a sheet of yellow or sickly green paper. Try and make your glob broader that 1inch. You can even cut out two globs, one smaller than the other.

Take some sticky tape and roll it to make it double sided.

Use it to paste your glop of snot onto the top of your bookmark. You could paste two of them like we’ve done in ours.

Fold the bookmark over in the centre like shown. Stick it into your book and go YEEEW! each time you sit down to read.


Chocolate mud sundae

Maharaja Icky loves to squish up his food and make a mess. Here’s how to make a mushy sundae of chocolate mud with a few worms crawling around.


  • Chocolate sauce
  • Chocolate cream biscuits like bourbon or oreo
  • A scoop each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream
  • Few gummy worms from a candy store

Time to mulch!

Put two (or three!) scoops of ice cream into a bowl and mash it for a bit.

Swirl the chocolate sauce on top and over the edges.

Crush the biscuits and drop them onto the top of your mush to add some rocky crunch.

Swirl a bit more of the chocolate sauce to make some muddy pools.

Place your gummy worms on top.

Pick up your spoon and dig in!